Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekend Fun!

My weekend started on Thursday when my BFF Victoria picked my up in their sweet corvette for Girls Night Out. We headed over to her sister-in-laws for a jewelry party (so cute stuff and Victoria is going to sell, so I'll have a party soon) and then over to our friend Lisa's house.
Friday, Chris and I worked on cleaning the old house to get ready to close on the 17th and then went to Abuelo's for dinner with friends.
Saturday Wynne, Cecile, and I went to Stanton Trade Days for some girl fun and shopping. The wind was awful, but I came away with some great new additions! The black pieces were all from the same vendor, and the red piece is a magnetic board I bought for the laundry room. I stuck a picture of the new kitchen in as well!

I got this adorable video of Chris and Kaitlyn dancing outside Wednesday night as Chris was grilling. I was inside the house capturing the video through the kitchen window, so there are a good 1o seconds they don't know I am precious!!!

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