Monday, April 27, 2009

Too much Fun!

We had too much fun this weekend! We started off by celebrating Wynne's birthday Thursday at La Bodega. Here is a picture of all the girls, including Kaitlyn in her fiesta party dress :)

Friday, we closed on our old house...FINALLY!! We were supposed to close a week ago, but the sellers wanted a new roof put on after the hail storm. A pain, but we are finally free from 2 house hanging over our head.After closing, we were off to the Lake with Wynne & Stephen and Jordan & Weston. I can not begin to explain how much fun we had this weekend!! Jordan, Wynne, and I all lead small groups @ E-Teen Community Bible Study this year. We grew really close and I love to gab with these girls!

Awww...the boat cruise :)

And my sweet hubby!!

On Sunday, we stopped in San Angelo and at lunch with our best friends Jeff & Cori. I miss the Stewarts sooooo much!!! I am sad we didn't get a picture together :(

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