Sunday, November 24, 2013

Kaitlyn Turns 6!!

My little KK turned 6 years old this week!
I loved spending the entire week going through our Blessing Book and celebrating Kaitlyn's birthday by remembering the gift from God she is. 

To learn more about this, or to purchase one of your own visit
We celebrated our 6 year old first at school with a birthday lunch and cupcakes for her class.

Later that night, we celebrated with family over pizza and more cupcakes!

Kailtyn got another charm from Daddy to add to her bracelet. I love that he gives her a charm every year just from him and that this is their special thing.

Kaitlyn's gift from me was a book of all the scriptures we learned for Letters A-Z and these awesome flash cards I purchased from "Its the Word".  
 ABC Scripture Cards Bible Memory Verses Christian Gift
The owner Holly was a jewel to work with and personalized the scriptures just for us. If you are working with your little one on the A-Z scriptures be sure and get these here
We woke up Saturday (actual birthday day) and made green bean casseroles for a Thanksgiving feast Church Under the Bridge had for the hungry and homeless.
Last year we passed out water bottles at the mall, and this year we made food for some hungry friends..I'm loving the theme of serving others on my KK's birthday-I think this is a tradition we will keep.
Later that afternoon, Kaitlyn celebrated with her three besties.

 We wrapped up the evening with a surprise sleepover with cousin Jaymi.
  Kaitlyn got the rainbow loom for her birthday and Jaymi was so sweet to teach Kailyn a few tricks. As the night went on, Midland turned arctic and we could hear sleet outside. It was best Jaymi snuggle with us for the night and I think Kaitlyn squilled with glee at the idea of a sleepover! 
What an absolute joy you are to our family Kaitlyn!


Wynne Elder said...

that is the sweetest thing! i love how yall celebrated! I feel like we were just at her 2nd birthday party!! how is she already SIX?!?! love yall so much!

Tara said...

You are such a great blogger! Does the Birthday Blessing book start at age 1? I love the idea but feel like we would already be behind.

Sommer said...

Hi Tara! I just went in and added pictures to the prior years and instead of her words I wrote memories or prayers for her ;)