Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lunch Box Love

Sooo. I have a confession........
I love packing Kaitlyn a lunch!!
I love putting special touches and fun things in her lunch box! In some weird way, it makes me feel like I'm giving her a big hug at school! 

Now before you read below..I thought I needed to just put some mommy confessions out there. It's so easy to just put "the pretty" on here...but our life can get quite messy. It's not all watercolors and wonderful...there are lots of messes and mayhem. 
Although I have strive to be super mama in the lunch making department, confession time: I'm too lazy to sort laundry. So I don't sort..It all goes in..no matter the color or material. And another confession is Jackson had cheese-itz and marshmallows for breakfast. So there! ;) 

If you also have the lunchbox love, here a just a few things I love to use for school lunch.
For 1, I have way too many lunch boxes! 
But they are fun and Kaitlyn's gets excited to see what box I packed.
I love keeping leftover napkins from parties, baby showers, etc. 
It's so fun to put a happy napkin in my little one's box.
We have lots of containers & sandwich cutters are so fun! Most of mine have come from the Target dollar bin. 
 My new faves are the Easy Lunch boxes. 
 Best-Selling Lunch Boxes
I also love the dishwasher safe labels we bought from Stuck on You

I also love using silicone cupcake cups, paper cups or anything fun to put treats in. 

 How cute are these guys from Dollar Tree!!
And of course, it's so easy to print all of the Lunch Box Love Notes. I can't wait  until Kaitlyn can read and I can put a scripture in her box everyday.
These from Happy Home Fairy are on my radar
Inspirational Lunch Box Notes
 I'm not sure if this will only last through Kinder, or only this 1st semester, but I'm an official Lunch Box Crazy Mama!!!


♥Jodi said...

You are such a fun mom! I love all your cute ideas and I don't believe for one second you have any messes or crazy days ;)

Tara said...

Check out A+ lunches on facebook

Jenna Knight said...

I am so thaknful to know that I am not the only lunch-box, party napkin and lunch accessories hoarder! LOL!!! I love packing the kids a lunch and leaving them sweet notes+scripture! I am going to have to try these that you posted! I have been using some from Ann Voskamps site. I am also going to look into everything else that you posted! Love you sweet friend! You are always and encouragement and so inspiring!!! XOXO