Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Our Elf helps us give

In August, while learning the Letter R and our scripture "Refresh others and be refreshed" here, Kaitlyn and I made a Give Jar. Since August we have been saving money in our jar to give away! 

 Kaitlyn also decided in August while learning the Letter R that the recipient would be the lady in the green shirt. We learned of this precious lady when we drove to the Habitat for Humanity site daddy was helping building a house. Since then we have been filling our jar with money so that we could bless her.
When our jar was filled, Christopher Pop in Kins reminded us that it was time to give it away. 
What a precious teachable moment this has been in our heart. (do you have this book- Penny's Christmas Jar Miracle-it's such a sweet read)
We are not blessed so we can HAVE. We are blessed so we can GIVE. 
 If you are blessed this Holiday Season, make sure you give to someone else!

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