Saturday, November 24, 2012

Kaitlyn turns 5!

 My Little Miss turned 5 this week! 
Sniff Sniff. 
You are getting too big Miss Kaitlyn!
We celebrated you this morning with birthday pancakes.

 Since brother's birthday is just a week away, we are having a joint birthday party for the kids next Saturday. We just couldn't let Kaitlyn wait to open a present until her party, so we let Kaitlyn open 2 presents. 
The first was a Dora gymnastics doll. Kaitlyn started gymnastics this year with her friend Marisa and we are having our birthday party at a gymnastics place!
Kaitlyn's second present was another charm from daddy for her charm bracelet.
 I love this special gift daddy gives his baby girl each year. 
Kaitlyn has 5 charms on her braclet from daddy.

1st year: Baby Shoes because our sweet baby girl learned to walk
2nd year: Princess crown daddy gave K at her TuTu cute princess party
3rd year: Big Sis charm that she received just one week before her baby brother was born
4th year: "K" because Kaitlyn learned to write her name that year
5th year: Tent to remind them of their first Daddy/Daughter camp out

You My sweet KK mean the world to me! Thank you for bringing such joy into my heart!


Jenna Knight said...

I am sooo borrowing this sweet charm bracelet tradition! I had one that I got when I was 13 and LOVED it!!! I didnt realize they make small bracelets. Does she wear it?

Sommer said...

Yes!! They do Jenna. We started with a solid bracelet that the charms slip onto and upgraded to the traditional bracelet this year. Both are from James Avery ;)