Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A mommy tantrum...

Do you ever just wish you could somehow become a 3 year old again so it would be okay to
Scream & throw a fit! 

Tell me I'm not the only gal that just has to stop and pray for grace to see beyond the present moment! 

I think it's important to know that our house is not always watercolors and wonder...there are days of messes and mayhem :) 

Do you ever just need a break...need a moment to compose??
My friend Brooke told of a mom who just had to stop and lean over the kitchen sink....water running...heart whispering...Lord fill me up. 

Not only is he holding the world in His hands. ...
but he's holding my mess too. 
Me, and my frazzled hair, tired eyes, patience thin, heart broken.
All it takes is a whisper of His name and He bends his ear, takes hold of my heart, and restores.
What a encouragement to this mama's heart!

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