Saturday, July 23, 2011

Learning the Letter F.....Love Notes for Africa

Our scripture for the Letter F is
"For God so loved the world that he gave Jesus" John 3:16 
We started talking about the World! What a BIG concept to a little girl!

My friend Wynne is going to Africa next weekend to visit some orphanages and I knew that making Love Notes to the African children would be good for our hearts! What an awesome way to show Kaitlyn that Jesus does love all the children of the world, and he can use us to show them!

So, you are invited! Come make love notes with us!

What does being Jesus' heart, hands and voice look like for a child?

Let's show our little munchkins and help support Wynne & Stephen Elder as they travel to Ethiopia and Uganda to love on orphans!

Bring your little one to our house! Come and; Go anytime between 8:30-10:30 Wed July 27th

Bring one of the following items. We will color a picture or write a love note to the little boy or girl that will receive our donation.

Bring bubbles, puzzles, games, jump rope, nail polish, stickers, coloring books, markers, writing pens, crayons, or granola bars.

Want to learn more? http://elderadventures.blo​​help-orphans.html

Bring a friend....or invite more!!! Message me if you need my address.

And here is Kaitlyn's invite to you
And a little preview of the love notes we will be sending
Thank you God, for giving your Son for all the children of the world!

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