Sunday, April 24, 2011

More Easter Fun!!

My little chick-a-dee's

School Party

Making Daddy's Treat and Love Note
Getting out of bed Saturday night (little stinker!!) and finding the
Easter Bunny's Footprints mommy left....
that lead to her Easter basket

This is the coolest book!!! When Kaitlyn points the pen on the page a woman reads the story.
Kaitlyn can also point to the words and they make noises too!
Making Resurrection Rolls Easter morning!!

Little Miss got caught eating marshmallows
 And when they are all ready! They are empty!! Just like the tomb!
 He is risen!!
Easter Lunch at Mom's

And more chance to eat candy!! An egg hunt with the girls!!

God has refreshed my heart this year while teaching Kaitlyn of His love.
Her awe and amazement has given me a new
perspective on the amazing sacrifice He made just for me.
Oh to view Chris through the eyes of a Child, what a beautiful gift!
Happy Easter!!! 

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