Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wait until Christmas...

I have a cute story about my KK. Sunday night after taking Chris to the airport we ran into Toys R Us for fun! As we walked up and down the aisles Kaitlyn saw more and more toys she wanted. I kept telling her things like "tell Grandma" and "You'll have to wait until Christmas"

I ended up buying her a package of diapers for her baby dolls. As soon as we got home Kaitlyn announces to her babies "all right everybody time to change your diaper" (so darn cute!!) I proceeded to help her put diapers on 6 babies, but 2 did not get one as the diapers came 6 to a pack. When she realized we didn't have enough she says to her 2 babies " I sorry babies, you have to wait until Christmas!!"

Bless my heart! I was rolling on the ground at how much compassion was in her voice for her 2 bare-hiney babies :)
You melt me heart sweet girl!!!

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Down Home Simplicity said...

That is priceless! You have such a sweet little girl!