Wednesday, September 15, 2010

And Then God Smiles....

Yesterday was a rough day :(
I made it through my 3 hour blood test after the 3 day donut diet, but not without battle scars.
Yuck!! My poor arms are bruised and sore from the needles. Makes me cringe just to look at them.

But then.....God Smiles Down on Sommer's the little things in life that bring such joy :) Happy Wednesday!


Sharee Forman said...

hahaha....a girl after my own heart! Just one of the many reasons fall is the best season ever! So sad to see those bruises...just glad it's over!! yuck. Oh, and after seeing Kaitlynn's big girl room I've decided you need to come decorate T's big boy're so good at it!!

Cori Stewart said...

They were not very nice to you!! That looks have to keep that one for the baby book. When he is is High School and acting up you will have to show him what you went through with love overflowing!