Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Big Girl!!!

Kaitlyn is officially potty-trained! Sooooooo easy!!!! We tried when she turned 2 and she got it, just wasn't that into it. What they say is true...when they are ready you will know. It took about a day for her to figure it out and we've been wearing big girl panties ever since! She is such a BIG GIRL!! Only thing is, I used M&M's to reward her for going potty and now I think I've packed on a few 'cause an open bowl of M&M's is just too hard to pass by without stealing a handful :)
Speaking of my BIG GIRL, we are anxiously awaiting her new big girl daybed
and I am going gaga over some new fabric I found to make bedding. I am in love!!!!!!!!!!

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Cori Stewart said...

Love it!! I need your help once we find out what we are having!!