Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Baby Bledsoe

Thank you for all the prayers, phone calls, texts and e-mails today.
We are surrounded by such great family and friends and prayer support!!! 
We had our 2nd sonogram of Baby Bledsoe today that was scheduled to check up on the kidney's that had a little more fluid than they were supposed to in our last sonogram. 

Today, 1 kidney looks normal and 1 kidney is still a little abnormal but not too much to get worried about yet. 
Praise God for 1 good-looking kidney!!!
We will go back in 8 weeks and are praying for a healthy baby and 2 fully developed kidney's!!
Here is a pic of our little man.
13 weeks to go!!!

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Cori Stewart said...

OMG....first time to see this! Beautiful!!!! I can't wait.