Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stats About Our Little Mr & What a Fun Day We Had Yesterday!

1. Daddy is beyond excited and has not stopped smiling since yesterday!!!!!!
2. Baby Bledsoe weighs 1 lb and mama has gained a total of 5 (hope I am staying on track!)
3. All organs look great! The kidney levels were high, so we will do 1 more sonogram in August to make sure all is ok
4. Kaitlyn will be the best BIG Sister
5. This Mama started the hunt for bedding and room decor. Any ideas??????????? Would love any suggestions or fun sites for boys
6. We received our first boy outfit!! Uncle Brian & Aunt Jane and "The Girls" came over last night to help us celebrate our first boy on the Bledsoe side

7. Mama's heart is full at what a Precious Family God has given her!


Amanda said...

oh my goodness.... such exciting news! Congrats!!! We are so happy for your precious little family.

Sharee Forman said...

That is so awesome Sommer, I'm so HAPPY for you guys! Chris may be smiling, but to a momma there is nothing like having her baby BOY! Such a sweet connection, can't wait for you to experience it firsthand! Congratulations! As far as decor, I always think it's cool to go vintage whatever...vintage football, golf, whatever yall are into. Makes for cool muted colors and chance to get more personal! Have fun!!!

Colbi (G-wood) McDonald said...

Hey Sommer, congrats on the news of a boy. I bet Chris is stoked. YOur daughter is beautiful too. I got your site off Jace an Mandy's blog page. Hope you don't mind. I like your page. As expected very happy and uplifting. Thanks. Oh, I know this girl, she's doing hers in Dr Suess, I thought that was def original & cute.

The Dodds said...

Congratulations Bledsoe family!! SO excited for you and your little man!