Sunday, July 26, 2009

Will I ever wear the apron??

We had such a great weekend! We started off Friday night with the whole fam over at our house to grill out. I think Kaitlyn liked the corn daddy did on the grill!

Chris is getting ridiculously good on the grill, so I decided to take my shot at Larry's famous beans. I've watched him make them several times, so I braved the 13 ingredients and hoped for the best. I put the beans on at 12:30...and at 8:00 that night they STILL were not done. I was so disappointed. Someone mentioned something about how Midland's hard water could have attributed, but I actually think I am cursed! HA! I am not sure if I will ever come out of all the kitchen disasters I have had. I think it all started when I put dawn dish washing soap in the dishwasher my first week in College Station, continued when Chris and I decided the "broil" button was the best setting to keep pizza in pizza boxes warm (yep, caught them on fire), and the list just continues. Fun times!

Saturday, our best friends Jeff & Cori were in town and the kids came over to play. Brady and Kaitlyn are finally about each other's size and are so adorable to watch. Brady calls her "Clayton". :)

We headed over to some friends house late afternoon for a swim party. Kaitlyn had a blast splashing all the other kids. Thanks Uncle Steve-O for swimming with me!

Later that night, Jeff, Cori, Chris and I all headed out for "couple" time and ate dinner at Cancun Grill downtown. If you haven't been there, it is sooo good! Now that the Stewarts are in San Angelo we sure treasure our moments together. We laughed so hard my stomach hurt. Oh what a blessed life we live!

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