Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weekend With Friends

What a fun-filled weekend!

You ever have one of those weekends that are just jam pack full of fun! Friday night I had a blast with 7th & 8th graders. The E-Teen Community Bible Study group that I am a leader in had a Retreat @ Stonegate. We played dodge ball, ate disgusting things in the Fear Factor Challenge, and I gave a talk on Boundaries. I just love spending time with me girls.

Saturday night, our best friends Jeff & Cori were in town and 16 of us went to eat sushi and Japanese. I miss my sweet friend! She is my voice of reason, the one that got me through all the scary pregnancy worries, the mom I want to be like as I watch her with Cheylee, the friend that although we do not talk everyday...I know would do anything for me and my family. Through the years there have been so many great friends in my life, but there is nothing so precious as having a whole family as your friend. As a wife-I know I have shared with many of you- that you pray for your husband to find a good Godly friend. When Chris & Jeff met, it was an answer to prayer. Love you Stewarts!

(Cori, Jordan, Amanda, Victoria, Lisa, Me)
Kaitlyn got to see her boyfriend Brady Stewart and we took this sweet photo of him in Chris' glasses for their wedding video. :)


Sunday we had 3 Super Bowl parties to attend, but Kaitlyn could only survive 2. We packed up the new backpack Aunt Kay got us which kept her pretty occupied during the festivities. She is such a mess!


KodyShandi&Kids said...

hey girl! glad ur on here now, kaitlyn is getting so big and so pretty!!

Janai Rogers said...

Cute Pics! So glad I found your blog! One more person for me to stalk!