Monday, December 29, 2014

To the end...

This will be the end of posts from My Precious Family blog. 

The last quarter of 2014 brought much heartache to my precious fam and for some reason I didn't feel this was the place to share our life. To only share the joys is not the real "us". 

Signing off to document our adventures...thank you for following or reading our story. My whole reason to  post was to find joy in the "fingerprints on the fridge"!! 

Praying a word or pic has given you joy! 

❤️ Sommer 


Ashley Tremaine said...

I don't think my comment posted from my I'm back!

I'm so sad you won't be posting anymore.:(

I'm so sorry that you have had a difficult year. I pray 2015 holds a bright future, full of love, laughter and devotion to God!

Wynne Elder said...

will miss coming here sommer, thanks for being real. love you!