Tuesday, September 11, 2012

ASK: Gifts of God...Lesson 1

I am super excited to be the Mustard Seed Coordinator again!! 
 ASK CBS is for K-6th graders and I teach all of the leaders kids (referred to as Mustard Seeds) that are not school age. 
Our program has exploded with five babies, four walkers and twelve 3 & 4 year olds!
 This week I was super proud to watch Little Miss on stage leading our first worship song of the year! She was pretty precious!
I love watching all of my Mustard Seeds worship!
  In our lesson time this week we learned about God's gift to us: The Bible! 
I made each Mustard Seed a Scripture Owl.
"I'm just a little scripture owl, I'll sit above your bed
It's my job to remind you when your
Bible should be read.

Please put me on your pillow at the beginning of your day,
 hiding His word inside your heart is
God's command today!

When you go to bed at night-
say your prayers and close your door,
I'll be there to remind you
to read His word some more!"
 Looking forward to a great semester seeking God and teaching little hearts about the gifts He has for those that put their hope in Him!

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