Monday, April 2, 2012

With arms high and heart abandoned...

If you knew me growing up as a teenager... or in early Mrs Bledsoe year's.... you would know I love to sing!! If you knew my dad, you would know why songs of praise and worship are my heartbeat. You would know why there are times this "Bapti-Costal" (part Baptist, part Pentecostal) girl can hardly stand in her seat during Sunday worship.
There is one other setting that I love "letting go" and lifting songs of praise to my Sweet Savior. There are times I'm in this setting and I have to stop to control myself. There are times I weep..times I shout....even times I lift my hands in surrender to The One who gave it all!
This setting my surprise you....but it's one I've grown to long that stirs my heart and makes me feel closer to my Savior and King! What does this special place look like?

It's 2 kiddos in a double stroller, it's an iPhone full of praise songs, it's road stretched before me, it's a sunset, it's the thought that my Sweet Savior sings over me. That He has these moments etched in His calendar...that He stops everything to hear my soul cry out; my lips praise; my heart stir.

So thankful that during this season of my life with 2 munchkins He still meets me at the point of my greatest need..that He is still pursuing me....that He loves me more than I can comprehend; ever express; or ever deserve.

That He rejoices over me with singing! (Zephaniah)

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