Monday, December 27, 2010


What fun!! When all was quiet late Christmas night my sweet hubby said this was the most fun he has ever had on Christmas...and I agree. Kailtyn was a hoot!!! Viewing this season through the eyes of a child and seeing the wonder of how special it has been to Kaitlyn has been the greatest gift. 
Hope you had a Merry Christmas!!!

 Kaitlyn is pretty fascinated with little brother..sometime she calls him little bother (ha!!)

 Uh-oh! Watch out Kaitlyn, daddy is going to have you on a budget soon!! (just kidding honey :)

 You better not pout!!
 Grandma is smitten!
 Is it time to open presents yet!!!

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Down Home Simplicity said...

Sommer, Just wanted to say Happy New Year and that I absolutely love reading your blog! Your family is so precious and you are one amazing momma! Hope yall have a great weekend!