Friday, November 6, 2009

Thanksgiving Traditions

I would love to start some family traditions. Know of any good ones for Thanksgiving?

I came across some really cute cookies that could be made each year.

I also came across some turkey crafts that I think could be incorporated to make placemats each year for our Thanksgiving meal.

I'd love any ideas you have :)


Sharee Forman said...

My good friend Elizabeth always has neat ideas for traditions. Go look at the Thanksgiving calendar thingy she made this year...she gives suggestions on what to do with it.

I've also heard of just leaving out a pretty box or bowl with strips of pretty fall paper. Then every day each family member writes one thing they're thankful for, and on Thanksgiving Day, you read all the "thankfuls" :) I have every intention of doing this each year and have still yet to try it!

Also, wanted you to know I'll miss you Tuesday Treasures! I understand why could always start a separate blog just for that...a place for encouragement so people will know ahead what they're getting. Just a thought...thanks for sharing your heart anyway! :)

alli zachry said...

Sommer, do you read Kelly's Korner? So funny, she did a post on Friday about Thanksgiving traditions and recipes!! Lots of people posted their very own and I think there's tons of great ideas there! Check it out at:

I'm also excited to soon begin our very own Thanksgiving traditions at our home! Those cookies are too cute and such a fun idea!! Loved seeing you last night, your family truly is so precious :)