Wednesday, June 10, 2009

But I just wonder....

About 15 of my most precious friends are journeying through Beth Moore's Esther study with me. We are only in Chapter 2 of Esther and I have already fallen in love with the story and what God wants to teach me through the study.

In our last meeting Beth posed a topic that has me thinking. I just wonder...I wonder if Kaitlyn will want to be like me, and am I a good enough role model to deserve that position? Will she learn how to love her husband from watching Chris and I, will she see what true friendships are, will she love to read God's word, will she live a life of giving to others, will her words be seasoned with grace. She is already watching all that I do. This morning while watching me put my make-up on she was using her toothbrush to put "blush" on her cheeks.

My heart's desire is for the "beauty of the Lord to be upon me" (Psalm 90:17) in such a way that a little bit can't help but rub off on my sweet little one.


Kari said...

I loved this study! It does make one (me included) think about parenting and mommyhood. So true that little ones learn by watching!

Stuart, Jennifer, and Hannah Yeager (Phoebe and Daisy too!) said...

If Kaitlyn grows up to be like any part of you, she will be amazing! You are such a wonderful beautiful role model!